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Home extension benefits Increase natural light

Increase the value of your home by letting Ellwood Building Services provide a beautiful purpose built

home extension.


If you dream of more space due to an expanding family or just want a new, larger kitchen then we can

help those dreams become reality through our many years' experience in providing home extensions.

•  Increase levels of natural light

•  Increase the value of your home

•  Enjoy an extra bathroom, bedroom, kitchen

   or any room you can think of

•  Impress with a feature staircase

We provide a full and free survey and quotation service as we understand that choosing the right conservatory for your home can be difficult.


Our experienced builders will be able to give professional advice to find the best solution to suit your needs, style, lifestyle and budget.

Home extension benefits


If you have plans to alter a current extension or any other part of your home then feel free to contact Ellwood Building Services for a free consultation and expert advice. Our fully trained and accredited builders will be able to work alongside you to achieve the results you expect.

Alterations to your current extension

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