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If you want to bring your home back to its former glory then look no further than Ellwood Building Services.


From a single wall to a full home refurbishment we can cater to all your requirements. Our builders will always use the highest quality materials during your renovation to ensure the end product looks brilliant.


•  Energy-efficient thermal insulation

   replacement windows and lighting

•  Soundproofing of rooms, bedrooms and


•  Basement waterproofing

•  Addition of extra living space

With our comprehensive refurbishment packages we can revive your home to its former glory.


All work is carried out in a non-intrusive manner to avoid any unnecessary disruptions to you or your family.

Types of renovation

Bring your home back to life

Renovating your home doesn't need to cost the world.  To give you a quote that's competitively priced we can offer you advice when it comes to choosing building materials, for example using energy efficient and recycled materials will help lower your energy bills.


We always work around your family’s needs, making sure to cause minimal disruption during work and always cleaning up after. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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